Next-generation Digital Merchandising

Smart Merchandiser combines visual assets such as digital catalog layouts and product thumbnails with in-depth web and social analytics and inventory insight to revolutionize the eCommerce merchandising process.

Why Smart Merchandiser?

Managing large amounts of data – from SKUs to sizes to colors – and balancing it against incoming information from social media, web analytics, and sales reports is a monumental challenge for digital merchandisers.

Overcoming that challenge is a little easier with Smart Merchandiser, a tool for IBM WebSphere Commerce that allows users to quickly and easily reorganize their catalog by dragging and dropping product thumbnails. Smart Merchandiser empowers digital merchandising teams to make informed display decisions by presenting all the data they need for each product with one click, elevating the online shopping experience for customers, while saving time and frustration across merchandising teams.

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Improve website layouts and increase productivity based on website analytics, conversion rates and inventory insight.

Smart Merchandiser Provides Incredible Results

Up To 70% Time Savings


Increase Conversion Rates by up to 20%


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