Revolutionizing How eCommerce Merchandising is Done

Take complete control of your online storefront with the only visual ecommerce merchandise management solution available in the marketplace – Smart Merchandiser, a SaaS product running on four platforms: HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud.

A New Way to Manage
Your Digital Storefront

Gone are the hours spent clicking between numerous programs, databases, and spreadsheets to gain insight on how products are performing. No more cutting up physical catalogs or using expensive graphic design resources to create web page mock-ups.

Instead, online merchandising changes can be made real-time in a single interface, thanks to Smart Merchandiser, a SaaS product running on HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud. Improved web site layouts, better online customer experiences, and an improved ability to respond to market changes are all just a click away.

A Revolutionary
Graphical Interface

Smart Merchandiser revolutionizes how eMerchandisers manage their online stores by combining the intelligence of web and social analytics with the ease of a graphical inventory management system. Smart Merchandiser enables eCommerce teams on the HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud platform to:

  • Consolidate monitoring, editing, inventory, and analytics into one powerful tool.
  • Visually manage catalogs with drag-and-drop product thumbnails.
  • View sales and inventory updates for each product in real-time.

Improved Product Insight

Smart Merchandiser provides improved product insight, which eMerchandisers can leverage to rearrange online inventory. Underperforming items can be moved “above the fold,” featuring colors, fabrics, or styles that are in surplus. And products that are nearing sold out quantities can easily be relocated lower in the layout or temporarily removed from the site entirely.

Integrated Analysis

Smart Merchandiser overlays all analytics on each product image in an easy-to-use, unobtrusive graphic layout. Data captured from various digital sources including Coremetrics web analytics, Google Analytics, social networks, and ratings and reviews such as BravoRatings / BazaarVoice / PowerReviews can be taken into account when creating page layouts and marketing promotions.

Creating Customer Connections

With so much information available, eMerchandisers can see who’s visiting their site, which products they’re searching for, and most importantly, which ones they’re buying. This allows them to plan more effective campaigns and better target their customers, putting the products they’re most likely to buy right up front. This data insight helps optimize the customer experience and facilitates the highest possible conversion rate.

See How Smart Merchandiser Revolutionizes eCommerce Merchandising