Smart Merchandiser

Online merchandising changes can be made real-time in a single interface, thanks to Smart Merchandiser. Improved web site layouts, better online customer experiences, and an improved ability to respond to market changes are all just a click away.

What is Smart Merchandiser?

Smart Merchandiser is the industry’s only visual eCommerce merchandise management solution that enables better-informed, real-time merchandising decisions. The brainchild of Zobrist Software Group, Smart Merchandiser integrates IBM WebSphere Commerce’s data analytics and retailers’ visual product details in a single graphical interface to streamlines the online visual merchandising process based on critical analytics, ratings, conversation rates, inventory and other data. Proven to dramatically reduce the time and resources spent creating, editing, and updating online storefronts, Smart Merchandiser provides a drag-and-drop interface that previews how products will be displayed, even on mobile devices and kiosks.

Teresa Zobrist

Founder & CEO

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Brian Chang


Angeline Namai

Technical Lead

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Smart Merchandiser by the Numbers

Proven to increase productivity
among eCommerce merchandising
teams by as much as 70%.

Eliminates the need to keep
up to 7 reports open for deeper
analytics insight.

Helps eCommerce teams increase
current conversion rates by
as much as 20%.

Key Features

Visual Catalog Management

Analytics Management

Inventory Management

Color Management

Attribute Management

Social Media Awareness

Compatible with Key Technologies

HCL Commerce

commerce cloud

Adobe Commerce Cloud


IBM Beacon Award 2011

IBM Impact Award 2011

IBM Silver Business Partner


The Digital Merchandiser’s Guide to
Maximizing Margins & Propelling
Profits with Visualized Data