Smart Merchandiser ROI Calculator

Enter current time spent on online merchandising and annual sales.

This calculator simulates the potential savings that you could realize by using

Smart Merchandiser.

Retailers Across the Globe:

  • Experience an 8.3% loss of revenue as a result of out-of-stock conditions.
  • Lost $69 billion due to out-of-stock conditions in 2013.
  • Spend more time on inventory management than on any other task.

Incredible Results

Up To 70% Time Savings


Increase Conversion Rates by up to 20%


JanSport® Streamlines eCommerce Merchandising, Increases Productivity with Smart Merchandiser

Managing an online storefront is a challenging task, especially for today’s merchandising teams that juggle an abundance of data and overstretched schedules. The teams have to determine which products to feature on the homepage or in promotions and in which colors. They also have to highlight top performers or boost underperformers, which requires insight and visual elements that many eCommerce solutions don’t provide.

This calculator is based on real customer data. The potential results are based on the average results seen by customers who are actively using the software for online merchandise management. Your actual results may vary.

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