Smart Merchandiser – Simple Premise,
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  • We believe in empowering merchandisers with innovative tools to revolutionize online retailing.
  • We strive to develop creative solutions to common ecommerce merchandising challenges.


As the team at Zobrist Software Group, Inc. knows, innovation can happen at any time. For them, inspiration struck when they saw clients creating web page mock-ups. The process included cutting up physical product catalogs and taping pictures to the wall. Then, the clients moved the pictures around to denote different catalogs or collections, a labor-intensive task.

Zobrist thought there had to be a better way to accomplish online storefront changes. Adhering to the belief that Imagination + Creativity + Empathy + Innovation produces Value Creation, they set about solving the challenge of this time-consuming task. The team sought to give merchandisers using the HCL Commerce (formerly Websphere Commerce) platform a tool that would enable them move products around by drag-and-drop in a graphical interface and save the order to their online storefronts. This simple premise was the foundation of a revolutionary product – Smart Merchandiser.

The Smart Merchandiser team drew from nearly 15 years of experience developing fully integrated ecommerce stores to create the industry’s only solution that overlays data from numerous systems onto graphical depictions from actual product catalogs. This deeper insight helps eMerchandisers make online layout decisions based on up-to-date sales reports, color and size inventory fluctuations, social activity, and promotions by combining real-time analytics with visual assets.

Smart Merchandiser empowers ecommerce merchandisers to make better informed decisions about how best to arrange their online product catalogs to improve website layouts, better their customers’ online experiences, respond in real-time to changing markets, and increase productivity levels so they’re able to meet and exceed corporate sales goals.

Today, Smart Merchandiser dramatically reduces the time required for leading apparel, accessory, and other retail brands to create, edit, and update their online storefronts. As merchandisers continue to push the boundaries of web commerce, Smart Merchandiser will continue to deliver a solution that truly revolutionizes how eMerchandising is done.

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Smart Merchandiser is the industry’s only provider of a visual ecommerce merchandise management solution that enables better-informed, real-time online merchandising decisions by integrating HCL Commerce’s (formerly Websphere Commerce) data analytics and retailers’ visual product details in a single graphical interface. Smart Merchandiser streamlines online visual merchandising processes and positively impacts sales and website performance to empower ecommerce merchandisers and improve website layouts based on visual cues and real-time data. Smart Merchandiser dramatically reduces the time and resources required for leading apparel, accessory, and other retail brands such as The North Face, JanSport, and Lee to create, edit, and update their online storefronts.


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