Smart Merchandiser’s Feature-rich Interface

Finally, a graphics-rich tool that enables HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud users to quickly and easily create new web page layouts based on in-depth data analytics.

Automated Business Rules

Make merchandising your pages simple and effortless! Optimize your category pages automatically with custom sequencing rules.

  • Advanced Business Rules
    Combine multiple rules around conversion rate, sales, inventory and more to ensure for precise online merchandising.
  • Automation
    Schedule business rules to merchandise category pages in order to keep them optimized.

Visual Catalog Management

See the storefront the way your customers do with product thumbnails, and easily sequence, add, remove or copy items.

  • Drag-and-Drop Organization
    Product thumbnails take the guesswork out of layouts and site organization. Easily move thumbnails around the web page layout using single or multiple drag-and-drop functionality to reposition products. Voila! Your new layout is done without tedious manual sequencing.
  • Single Click Category Adding
    Need to add a product to multiple categories? Now, you can simply copy and paste a product into the applicable categories with a single click.

Analytics Management

Improved data analytics at your fingertips! Unobtrusive data overlays – right on the product images – provide you with page views, abandonment rates, conversion rates and sales revenue, eliminating the need to switch between layout and the analytics dashboards for deeper analytics insight.

In this screenshot, inventory below threshold is denoted by an orange bar over the product, whereas out-of-inventory condition is denoted by a red bar. This visually alerts the merchandiser to take appropriate action.

Inventory Management

Better manage and optimize inventory levels, leading to improved online storefront layouts and customer experiences.

  • Out-of-Inventory Alerts
    Set a threshold for visual trigger alerts for each product, warning when inventory is getting low (orange bar) or is completely out (red bar). The result? Improved customer shopping experiences.
  • Available Color Inventory
    Smart Merchandiser shows how much inventory is available for each color so you can make adjustments to your online storefront as needed. With the “leading color” feature, you can even showcase a color with ample inventory.

Color Management

Quickly and easily adjust online displays to promote or minimize items in certain colors as related to seasonality, inventory level, or trending and popularity

  • Sequencing Color Swatches
    Quickly and easily arrange color swatches in your ideal sequence with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Color by Category
    Determine the leading color by category for products that appear in multiple categories. For example, a unisex polo shirt can be displayed in green in the Men’s category and yellow in the Women’s category.

In this screenshot, the merchandiser can visually scan which attributes that have been set for each product and which have not, denoted by a red vertical bar.

Attribute Management

Easily add, remove, and manage departments, colors, materials, and other keywords and attributes for each item or across a product category, all with a single click. Properly attributing products results in items that can be more easily located in an online store, either via filtering or search functions.

All available product attributes are presented in a visual format, rather than in vast spreadsheets. Set proper values for each product with a single click. Quickly see which attributes are missing via a red bar alert in the interface. Easily add new attributes and visually inspect how products will render online.

Cross Country Replication

Having to manage multiple countries and merchandise the same catalog for each can drastically reduce efficiency. In Smart Merchandiser, with a few clicks you can replicate your merchandising efforts across all countries without having to deal with each individually.

Social Media Awareness

Get insight on social media perceptions surrounding a product without the need to visit each channel. Facebook likes, Twitter mentions, and ratings and reviews are overlaid on each product, with a single click.

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