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How to turn the Top Three Analytics into Actionable Analytics to Boost your Online Sales!

By July 6, 2017Press Releases

Turn on the radar for your retail storefront!

Analytics provides an important way to measure how well your products are doing in a digital retail business. They act as a report card of the effectiveness of your merchandising and marketing efforts. Without analytics, you are flying blind and making wild guesses into where to invest your efforts.


But actionable analytics are even more critical for your business as they transform boring analytics reports into real time data that trigger your fingers to leap into action to affect the livelihood of your digital storefront.

Take action based on what you see!

In Smart Merchandiser, you can turn on the Analytics for each product and immediately take action. You can drag and drop the products that have the most Views and Sales to the top of the page while demoting products that have a low conversion rate to the bottom of the page. This is just an example of how easy it is for merchandisers to affect the display of products on the page. Smart Merchandiser pulls real-time data from the top three analytics engines: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics (known as Omniture) and IBM Digital Analytics (known as Coremetrics) and displays it on each product image.

Quickly Get to the Numbers with Google Analytics!

Each analytics platform has strengths and weaknesses. In a rapidly changing world where versions and implementations of API’s change quickly, Smart Merchandiser adapts to newer versions of API’s and authentication quickly.

For example, Smart Merchandiser recently adopted the Google Analytics OAuth 2.0 to get access to read-only data from Google Analytics instead of requiring customer credentials.

SM Analytics.png

Leverage Adobe Analytics Strength in Custom Created Metrics!

Adobe Analytics (Omniture) is widely used by business large and small. Smart Merchandiser has not only successfully onboarded clients depending on Omniture for analytics but has thrived in satisfying customers to fetch their own custom created metrics which other tools would not readily do so. Omniture has features which allow the data to be segmented in a number of ways and Smart Merchandiser displays the segmented data as expected by the clients.

Get the Full Picture with IBM Digital Analytics!

Smart Merchandiser also allows you to fetch your data using the CoreMetrics API. Even though CoreMetrics does not provide a real time analytics fetching API, Smart Merchandiser is able to use the latest and complete set of data from the CoreMetrics API. The data fetched is then displayed to the merchandiser.

Smart Merchandiser makes sure to pull only the complete set of data instead of getting incomplete and inconsistent data. It is difficult to fetch analytics data from a tool which does not provide real time data but Smart Merchandiser does well in such a situation too.

Put Analytics To Work for You!

For any ecommerce business, large or small, making the investment is analytics is easy. The difficult part is to regularly fetch the data, monitor for variances and understand what is happening to the business, day in and day out. Smart Merchandiser makes the tedious and difficult job easy by aggregating real-time data and displaying it on each item. When using Smart Merchandiser, merchandisers are able to save on the average 80% of their time and help grow the business by 20%. Put your hard-earned investment in analytics to work for you!

Angeline Namai
WebSphere Commerce
Project Lead
Meet the Team

Angeline Namai is a WebSphere Commerce project lead at Smart Merchandiser and Zobrist Consulting Group. In this role, she is responsible for the architecture as well as project management of Smart Merchandiser, a visual ecommerce merchandise management solution that enables better-informed, real-time onlinemerchandising decisions.

She joined Zobrist eight years ago, focusing her entire career on ecommerce solutions. After four years as a developer, coding back-end solutions for ecommerce sites, Angeline took on an architect role. With dual responsibilities as an architect and project manager, she acts as the liaison between clients like The North Face and translates customer requirements into technical applications.

Angeline graduated from Grinnell College in Iowa with a double bachelor’s degree in computer science and French. She holds certifications in Java programming, Java web component development and WebSphere Commerce application development.

Mariann Godkin
IBM WebSphere
Commerce Developer
Meet the Team

Mariann Godkin is an IBM WebSphere Commerce developer at Smart Merchandiser and Zobrist Consulting Group. In this role, she is responsible for product development and programming related to Smart Merchandiser, a visual ecommerce merchandise management solution that enables better-informed, real-time online merchandising decisions. She developed the beta version of Smart Merchandiser and supports all clients, including Lee, Wrangler and JanSport. Mariann also helped launch JanSport’s new website in 2013.

An expert in online retail and merchandising, she has worked with IBM WebSphere Commerce for a decade.Before joining Zobrist Consulting Group, she worked as a programmer analyst at the Interamerican Motor Corporation, where she was responsible for multiple software projects related to the company’s e-commerce, knowledge management and collaboration business strategy. Prior to that, she developed custom applications for public and private sector companies while at WebSciences and ABCS.

Originally from Belarus, Mariann received her bachelor’s degree in computer science from California State University – Northridge.

Gerry Taylor
Director of Services
Meet the Team

Gerry Taylor is the director of services at Smart Merchandiser and Zobrist Consulting Group. In this role he is the lead strategist, architect and developer responsible for user experience and Smart Merchandiser, a visual ecommerce merchandise management solution that enables better-informed, real-time online merchandising decisions.

Gerry joined Zobrist Consulting Group in 2012, following a 12-year career at Ritz Interactive, a specialty online retailer and e-commerce service provider. As the director of information technology, he led the strategy, design, deployment and growth of 11 e-commerce sites with peak revenue of $111 million.

Before joining Ritz Interactive, Gerry honed his developer and coding skills at Capita Technologies. He began his career at Smarthome as a search engine optimization (SEO) specialist.

Gerry is an IBM Certified Associate Developer and a member of the IBM WebSphere Commerce Customer Advisory Council and Business Partner Advisory Council. He earned his bachelor’s degree in information and computer science and master of business administration from the University of California, Irvine.

Teresa Zobrist
Founder & CEO
Meet the Team

Teresa Zobrist is the founder and CEO of Smart Merchandiser, a visual ecommerce merchandise management solution that enables better-informed, real-time online merchandising decisions. She has extensive experience in helping businesses launch online stores to gain more customers, increase revenue and compete globally.

Teresa founded Zobrist Consulting Group, an IT services consulting firm, in 2001 with the goal of providing a healthy and collaborative working environment for a talented team of e-commerce consultants.

Prior to starting her own company, Teresa worked at IBM for 15 years as an IT consulting architect, building custom projects for large corporations such as State Farm and AARP. Additionally, she spent five years at CF Braun & Co., a large engineering firm. As a piping engineer, she built a 3D computer design program along with a team of experts.

After graduating from college, she worked as a programmer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. There, she worked on the Voyager mission as part of the command team. She left in 1980 after getting her master’s degree at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Born in Vietnam, Teresa moved to the United States at 18 to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science at the University of Southern California.


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