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Digital merchandising requires a ton of data and a ton of decisions. Most digital merchandisers find themselves wading through spreadsheets full of product attributes and dashboards pumping out web analytics, with long manual processes required to make any sort of decision about the layout of their eCommerce site.

But there’s an easier way. Smart Merchandiser is a visual merchandising tool that helps eCommerce sites customize and maintain their online storefront with a simple and intuitive interface. You can drag-and-drop products to organize them, manage colors and other product attributes, and access all your important analytics in the same view.

It’s the simplest way to cut through the headache of digital merchandising and create a more powerful eCommerce website. Let’s take a closer look at how Smart Merchandiser can help you.

Drag-and-Drop Organization

Say goodbye to the long manual sequencing processes you used to rely on for updating your eCommerce site. With Smart Merchandiser, you can drag-and-drop product tiles to create whatever layout you like. You can select multiple products or just one to reorder your page layout. And it’s easy to add products to new categories when needed.

Since you’re dragging and dropping product thumbnails, you’ll get a real-time view of what your layout will look like when live. There’s no guessing what your layout will look like or hoping it looks okay when your manual sequencing is done. What you see is what you’ll get when your changes go live.

And because Smart Merchandiser is so easy and fast to use, you can make changes whenever you need to with no hassle. Product out of stock? Move it to the bottom of the page. It comes back, this time in new colors? Put it right back up at the top so customers can see it right away. Any updates you need can be accomplished quickly and efficiently.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to react almost instantly to customer demands and other market changes. It’s a more flexible and adaptable solution that leads to deeper brand loyalty, higher conversions, and a better bottom line.

Color Management

Drag-and-drop isn’t just for product tiles. You can use it to sequence color swatches too. Simply arrange them in your desired order and set the leading color to display as the default image for that particular product.

ecommerce site color management
Drag-and-drop functionality makes color management easy.

You can set different leading colors depending on the category. For example, if you have a set of backpacks, you might set the leading color to blue for the boys’ category, and default to pink zebra stripes for girls. You can try different colors for different categories to see what yields the best conversion rates, and easily revert any changes that don’t achieve the results you were hoping for.

Smart Merchandiser has easy ways to manage other product attributes too. This can include category, style, brand, and more that help customers search for or filter to your products. You’ll even see a visual alert to let you know when an attribute hasn’t been selected for a certain product.

This level of detail in your color and attribute management creates a better customer experience by creating a completely customized eCommerce site. You can adjust to the precise demands of your customer base with tons of flexibility–no manual processes required.

In return, you’ll see more conversions and deeper brand loyalty than ever before.

Analytics Overlay

Smart Merchandiser’s analytics overlay is what takes the most headache out of your digital merchandising product. All the data you need is combined into a single source that puts the data you need right next to the products you’re working on–data that covers inventory, web analytics, and even social media.

You’ll get a visual alert when inventory is running low–orange when stock gets below a certain threshold, and red when the product is completely unavailable. This eye-catching overlay helps you catch out-of-stock issues early, so you don’t lose sales because unavailable products are taking over the prime spots in your virtual storefront.

Much of the data overlay is devoted to web analytics. Think product views, conversions, abandonment rate, and a lot more. These stats are updated in real-time so you always have the latest information about the products you’re sequencing, helping you make decisions based on what customers want right now, not three days ago.

Lastly, you’ll also see social media awareness metrics for each individual product in your catalog. This includes Facebook likes, tweet mentions, and ratings and reviews from around the web.

All of these analytics are merged into a single interface–the same interface from which you can arrange your eCommerce site. You’ll no longer need one tool for merchandising, another one for inventory, and yet another for social media or web analytics. Everything is in one place where you can make customizations quickly and easily, for your benefit and your customers.

Smart Merchandiser Makes Visual Merchandising Easy

Smart Merchandiser simplifies and streamlines every part of your digital merchandising process. You’ll need just one tool to sequence products, edit them, and gather the data you need to make the best merchandising decisions for your business.

With the drag-and-drop interface overlaid with robust data and analytics, you can skip the headaches that come with manual product sequencing or data aggregation. Even color and attribute management is easier thanks to the completely visual editor.

Try Smart Merchandiser today and make your digital merchandising process easier than ever.