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In order to effectively run any business online, it’s essential to focus on the analytics behind the scenes. There are many different factors to monitor and measure to ensure your website is performing as well as it can. This especially is the case with eCommerce sites where website analytics go hand in hand with product sales. However, with so many metrics to look at, KPIs to fulfill, and different third-party tools to use, it can be tricky to stay on top of it all. That’s why a tool that ties everything together and makes monitoring your analytics simpler is crucial-enter the analytics overlay.

With Smart Merchandiser, you can keep on top of analytics with ease with analytics overlays. Analytics overlays are designed to take the hassle out of monitoring different KPIs and analytics. We’re going to show you a few ways Smart Merchandiser can take the mystery, confusion, and hassle out of your analytics.

Integrate with Your Analytics Overlay with Third-Party

When monitoring website traffic, click-through, and conversion rates, you may use several different tools. It’s sometimes hard to find a tool that does it all. This can make it difficult to keep on top of everything because you have to consult several different apps or plugins to get all the data you need.

Smart Merchandiser realizes the importance of integration with third-party platforms to make things simpler. That’s why Smart Merchandiser can integrate with the likes of Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Coremetrics, and many more.

This data is then displayed through an analytics overlay on each product page which makes the information much more accessible. So, no matter which tools you prefer to use, you can pull data from each of them and display them in one place.

This means you will be able to see which products are seeing high click-through rates or conversion rates. With this information, you can make key business decisions or changes. For example, products with low click-through rates may need a new photograph or description to catch customers’ eyes.

There’s no need for laborious data analysis for sales figures or website traffic. You won’t need to log into several different accounts to get all the information you need. It can all be accessed directly through Smart Merchandiser's simple analytics interface.

Analytics Overlay: A Snapshot of Data

With so many different KPIs to watch out for, it can quickly get confusing. Using financial tools to pull sales figures and separate website analytics tools to monitor traffic is a time-consuming way of gathering data.

A much easier and faster way of getting the data you need is to use a tool like Smart Merchandiser which pulls all this data from various sources into one place. Smart Merchandiser’s integration of website analytics tools has this covered. Additionally, it can also show financial analytics as well which makes it easy to compare KPIs.

Within a couple of clicks, you’ll have a handy snapshot of all the sales, inventory, and website analytical data for each individual product at your hands.

Each product will have an unobtrusive analytics overlay directly on top of the product images. These overlays contain all the information you may want to quickly glance at to keep track of, including:

  • Number of sales
  • Revenue
  • Items abandoned
  • Abandonment rate
  • Product views
  • Conversion rate
  • Inventory
  • Color and size inventory

With this overlay, you can have a quick glance at sales figures and website analytics. You can even see inventory levels to assess how much stock you have of each product. This helps you save time so you can quickly assess whether you need more stock to keep on top of demand.

Social Media Platforms

Keeping on top of social media engagement is a key part of any modern business. What’s also important is integrating social media with your website.

With Smart Merchandiser, you can tie both of these elements together. The tool allows each individual product page to display social media stats. When a customer clicks on a product page, Smart Merchandiser will display Facebook Likes and Tweets for each individual product.

This shows customers which products are popular right now without them ever having to leave your website to visit each channel.

Ratings and Review Platforms

Another really important part of any eCommerce website is customer ratings. When customers shop around, they typically want to know what the product is like before buying. This makes customer reviews extremely valuable.

The problem is that some customers may have to leave your website and look elsewhere for reviews. This is bad news for your website because it pays to keep customers on your website for as long as possible. That’s why another great feature that Smart Merchandiser offers is a ratings and reviews display.

With Smart Merchandiser, you can integrate third-party review sites to provide genuine reviews for customers to read. Smart Merchandiser can support integrations with BravoRatings, BazaarVoice, and PowerReviews – as well as many more platforms.

This gives you a simple way to display third-party reviews to help your customers make a more informed decision about what to buy. Having ratings and reviews on your website gives customers a great sense of ease that they are dealing with a trustworthy company. It also helps customers decide whether products are right for them which may reduce the number of returns/refunds.


analytics overlay growth
Using an analytics overlay to keep track of important information can help your eCommerce business thrive

The more informed you are about your website, sales performance, and products, the better chance you have at running a successful eCommerce business.

Selling great products or having a fancy website is a good start but isn’t enough to propel your business forward. What you need are cold, hard facts in order to make the best decisions for your business moving forward.

However, many businesses often will put off collecting the data they need from their website or they may not check it as regularly as they should. This is partly because gathering all that data can be time-consuming.

Smart Merchandiser’s simple interface aims to solve this problem by bringing all that data together in one place. This can save you a great deal of time trying to gather the data you need from various sources.