Five Profit Driving Smart Merchandising Tips

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Why Smart Merchandiser?

Managing large amounts of data – from SKUs to sizes to colors – and balancing it against incoming information from social media, web analytics, and sales reports is a monumental challenge for digital merchandisers, with such data often going unutilized.

Overcoming that challenge is easier with Smart Merchandiser for HCL Commerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud. Quickly and easily reorganize your catalog through automated business rules or manually drag and drop products. Smart Merchandiser empowers digital merchandising teams to make informed display decisions by presenting all the data they need for each product with one click, elevating the online shopping experience for customers, while saving time and frustration across merchandising teams.

Brands using Smart Merchandiser

Are You a Smart Merchandiser?

Love the Analytics Overlay, and be able to delete from multiple categories at once

Heather, Timberland

Analytics is KING. I also like the new Heatmap

Dana, Timberland

Most valuable for me...the ability to click and drag or click and move to remerchandise the page

Lisa, Lee

Removing products from all associated categories

Elaine, Vans

Inventory representation in a visual format. Also being able to set different colors by style per page

Amanda, Wrangler

Pinning products is definitely a winner for me!

Matt, Tommy Hilfiger
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Five Profit Driving Smart Merchandising Tips


Improve website layouts and increase productivity based on website analytics, conversion rates and inventory insight.

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