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Zobrist Software Group recently topped Retail Tech Insight’s Top 10 Product Information Management Solutions Providers. As this list shows, Zobrist’s Smart Merchandiser continues to lead the industry in helping retail companies display their full product catalogs–no matter how extensive they are.

Retail Tech Insight is a leading authority in the world of retail technology. One of the most trusted sources of information in the business, Retail Tech Insight provides an informative meeting ground for industry players and technology vendors.

Thanks to Smart Merchandiser and other innovative solutions for online retail stores, they’ve dubbed Zobrist a leading provider of product information management solutions in 2022. Considering what a help Zobrist solutions are, it’s easy to see why!

Managing a product catalog is easy when you’re dealing with a single online store and a few dozen items with single stock-keeping units (SKUs). But companies dealing with hundreds or thousands of products–each featuring multiple SKUs–have a much harder time managing their storefront. Moreover, they’ll need a large contingent of merchandisers to go over the entire catalog and sort products accordingly.

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This is where Smart Merchandiser saves the day. Zobrist’s solution offers an easier, more cost-efficient method to optimize the storefront. Instead of spending big on salary and overtime, retailers can use the application to arrange products automatically, based on their preferred configurations. This is especially helpful for companies managing multiple channels for their extensive product line.

Smart Merchandiser boosts conversion rates due to improved merchandising, while also reducing overhead and labor costs that go with a manual merchandising system. Instead of assigning teams of merchandisers, Smart Merchandiser can handle inventory, monitoring, analytics, and cataloging duties all at once. The system integrates data analytics and visual product details into a unified interface; as a result, your merchandising team can now make informed decisions based on analytics, ratings, engagements, inventory–and any other metric you can think of!

Efficiency in product information management operations means better choices for customers. With a manual process, sales and marketing departments go over spreadsheets, check sales records, and design mockups time and again in order to produce a simple online catalog. Then consider the amount of work to extrapolate what sells best, what should get a promo boost, and so on. It’s a logistical nightmare, and a drain on labor hours.

With Smart Merchandiser, marketing teams can use analytics to pinpoint items in need of boosting. This better-managed inventory and merchandising helps store visitors encounter the products assigned for heavy promotions right off the bat. Conversely, fast-selling items can take a break from the ongoing promotions–at least until replenishments arrive. All of the information is automatically organized and placed right at your fingertips.

Is your business stuck and backlogged trying to keep up with manual merchandising methods in your online channels? Are you missing out on opportunities to convert more leads and improve customer experience because of it? Smart Merchandiser is here to help–and Retail Tech Insight agrees!

Stay ahead of the game with Smart Merchandiser, and take back control over your inventory. There’s a reason Zobrist topped Retail Tech Insight’s “Top 10 of 2022” list–come find out for yourself why. Learn more about how Smart Merchandiser can drastically improve your online store operations–reach out today and request a demo!