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Launching and managing an eCommerce business is a rewarding endeavor but it’s no walk in the park. Considering 80% of consumers worldwide have shopped online since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, you probably already have your hands full trying to keep up with the ever-increasing demand. On top of that, you have to negotiate with suppliers, oversee orders, as well as scout for new marketing opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

So, when you need to update your inventory or launch a new product line, inputting the data item by item is perhaps the last thing you want to do. Of course, you can hire someone to do it for you but that’ll cost money that could be allocated to other aspects of your business. By adopting a bulk editor, your company can develop a deeper relationship with your customers and maximize your website’s potential in a number of ways.

Bulk editing tools make it simple to roll out rapid updates for thousands of products so you can reclaim your productive hours and focus your attention on running your business. This guide will discuss how bulk editor tools work and what benefits you can reap by utilizing them so you can better gauge the value of investing in one for your eCommerce business.

What Does an eCommerce Bulk Editor Do?

An eCommerce bulk editor enables online store owners and managers to simultaneously make changes to multiple products at once. Meaning, one can modify different aspects of products such as pricing details, descriptions, product types, and images in one go instead of updating them one by one.

Smart Merchandiser’s visual merchandising software is a great example of what a bulk editor tool can do.

Some functions that it offers include:

  1. Bulk Update. Lets merchandisers publish or unpublish multiple products with just one click. This can be particularly useful when you are looking to quickly roll out an entire product line or launch a new collection.
  2. Attribute Management. Makes it easy to add, remove, or change the properties of a product’s color, material, size, etc.
  3. Add / Remove Multiple Products to / from Categories. Allows you to copy and paste products into different categories with a single click.
  4. Cross-Country Replication. If you have online stores for different countries, Smart Merchandiser can help you replicate merchandising efforts such as product displays, catalog layouts, and the like.
  5. Drag-and-Drop and Single-Click Interface. To top it all off, as a cloud-based visual eCommerce merchandising solution, Smart Merchandiser allows you to make changes via drag-and-drop commands. Meaning, no coding is necessary when you add, remove, or update products en masse.
men using the bulk editor on a website

Aside from the above mentioned functionalities, bulk editors also have other use cases such as adding / removing product tags, making products available / unavailable and disabling / enabling promo codes. It can also be used for adding discounted prices so customers need not wait until checkout before they can see the promotional price of the items they’ve added to their carts.

With all these offerings, what’s not to like?

What Are The Benefits of an eCommerce Bulk Editor?

You might be wondering whether a bulk editor is really necessary for your online store operations or just a nice-to-have. With all the functionalities it has to offer, a bulk editor can streamline eCommerce management for both business owners and employees.

Bulk editors can play a big role in optimizing inventory and item management. More than that, they can help make the most out of your busy schedule as well as minimize the risks associated with manual data entry. If these are the concerns you’re looking to address, then, investing in a bulk editor is a smart move.

Still not convinced? Check out these standout benefits of implementing eCommerce bulk editors:

Speed of Management

The ability to carry out bulk edits in a single go is much more efficient than handling them one by one.

Imagine this: you’re having a sitewide sale and you need to increase the number of coupons that can be applied to each product in your store. The problem is, you have hundreds of products in your catalog. Doing this manually will set you back days while bulk editing can help you do it in minutes!

A Streamlined View of Your Inventory

A Kenco survey revealed that 47% of respondents ranked availability visibility as their number one business priority. A bulk editor can help you achieve this by giving you a comprehensive view of your product catalog. Smart Merchandiser, for instance, has tools for visual catalog management and data analytics to help you see stock levels, product views, and items sold to improve inventory management.

Reallocation of Time to More Urgent Tasks

Almost 60% of workers say they could save six or more hours weekly if manual data entry tasks were automated, research by McKinsey shows. The same could be said about eCommerce business owners. By using a bulk editor, you significantly cut down the time spent on manual product editing and expend more of your energy on other important operational areas such as marketing, sales, or branding.

Acceleration of Store Updates

Whether there’s an upcoming holiday sale, store promotion, or product launch, a bulk editor will allow you to roll out updates faster. It saves the time spent on adding sale prices, enabling/disabling discount codes, as well as modifying product attributes.

Lowers the Risk of Human Error

An eCommerce bulk editor gives you a bird’s eye view of the items in your online store, making it easier to see which products need to be updated. This way, you don’t accidentally overlook any products. In addition, if you’re updating pricing information, adding discounts to certain items, and the like, there’s less chance for miscalculations.

Make Product Management Easier With Smart Merchandiser

a woman organizing her website with the bulk editor

The breakneck speed of the modern business world, alongside the rapid digital transformation spurred by the pandemic, has fundamentally changed consumer behavior. With 24/7 access to virtually any product through just a few taps on their phones, customers now expect instant responses to whatever it is they need. If you don’t have the right tools for the job, product management for eCommerce can be a very frustrating (and costly) undertaking.

Let’s be honest. Managing any online business can be a time-consuming endeavor. Being successful means you must discover ways to simplify daily routines and gain greater visibility into all aspects of your operations. There are times when you’ll find yourself spending more time editing product titles and descriptions than on anything else.

In the world of eCommerce–when you give merchandisers the ability to make mass edits of various products and categories with a few clicks–there is no better way to reduce costs and increase efficiency than switching to a bulk editor. Having this weapon in your arsenal of business systems can be a game-changer for any eCommerce operation. A bulk editor or a platform with bulk editing tools is like having an unlimited supply of cheat codes for your online store.

Not sure where to start? Check out Smart Merchandiser which offers comprehensive bulk editing functionalities and visual merchandising tools so you can optimize your digital storefront easily and develop a data-driven approach to online store management. Book a demo today and discover firsthand how Smart Merchandiser is revolutionizing eCommerce merchandising.