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eCommerce merchandising is tricky. Finding strategic ways to entice customers to purchase something online is much more challenging than face-to-face. Therefore, investing in the most trusted merchandising software is critical. Enter Smart Merchandiser.

This eCommerce platform creates tactics and strategies to boost sales and improve merchandising efforts. But what specifically makes Smart Merchandiser a good pick for merchandising software? We’re sharing three things you'll love about it.

Why Is Visual Merchandising Important?

visual eCommerce merchandising

eCommerce visual merchandising is about making buying as easy as possible. It includes how products are presented and organized to influence customers’ buying decisions in the retail space. In-store, visual merchandising boosts the business’ aesthetics. Online, it makes the store more accessible to users, raises website engagement, and promotes sales.

Similarly, eCommerce merchandising aspires to enhance the buying experience, helping users explore wishlist items effortlessly. For example, personalized product recommendations can help shoppers find exactly what they need.

Selling targeted products online is a priority for many retailers, and visual merchandising is a key part of that strategy. It helps eCommerce stores achieve revenue targets by playing the role of a salesman and highlighting best-selling items. Visual merchandising also raises the likelihood that consumers will return to your shop, as your products stay top-of-mind.

1. Put the “Smart” in Your Merchandising Strategies

eCommerce merchandising illustration

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies have facilitated the growth of eCommerce merchandising for both large and small enterprises. This allows them to serve their clientele better. Essentially, it gives customers what they want when they want it–or even before they know they need it. It has also eased the transition to online shopping for many brick-and-mortar stores’ merchandising departments.

Visual merchandising is one of the perks AI technology can provide. It allows you to explain the features of your product in a strategic, creative, and artistic presentation. The result is a heightened consumer enthusiasm for the product, meaning the pictures alone will be enough to drive consumer interest and sell the items.

Visual merchandising with AI automation also helps the Average Order Value (AOV), primarily through incentives, personalized recommendations, and push bundle offers.

AI automation is also a great asset in other areas of marketing where items are matched to consumer wants and requirements. You can give customers a better shopping experience by reorganizing and defining collections with AI. This trims down the number of items a customer needs to scan through.

AI automation helps eCommerce merchandisers adopt a customer-centric strategy well-suited to the digital realm.

2. Have Analytics Where and When You Need Them

eCommerce merchandising analytics

Think of the potential earnings you’d reap if you knew what your clients would likely buy and how much they’re willing to pay for your products. Or, imagine getting advanced insights about possible issues and concerns your customers could raise. Both scenarios would make a great advantage in eCommerce merchandising.

As an online retailer, anticipating what consumers want and how they will behave is essential for determining how to meet their needs best. Your solution will likely combine product offerings, promotional efforts, and sales promos. This is where insights from eCommerce analytics come in.

The term “eCommerce analytics” describes a system of programs and procedures that collect information on the online buying habits of your customers, potential issues, and personal preferences. It will then provide insights into the entire buyer journey, from discovery to post-purchase.

Smart Merchandiser compiles all of this information in one location to save you time, giving you the data you need to address issues or capitalize on opportunities. In effect, you can use it to guide and maintain contact with consumers through sales.

Analytics can also take your upselling and cross-selling initiatives to the next level with better-tailored product suggestions, incentives, and pricing strategies. Many businesses don’t utilize analytics because they don’t believe they need to. But detailed analytics are just what you need to stay ahead of the competition.

3. Know Your Customers Better

Whether they sell to consumers or other companies, successful businesses always put the customer first and work tirelessly to learn as much as possible about their wants and requirements. With this knowledge, you can convince new and returning clients that doing business with you is in their best interest. Customer analytics can help you achieve this.

When you understand your customer base’s demographics, interests, and behaviors, you can tailor your marketing efforts more effectively toward your target audience. Are the potential customers price-conscious bargain hunters or brand loyalists? Are they looking for a certain product in a specific price range, or are they regular buyers from a specific demographic?

Use data to get to know your customers and work your magic from there. Knowing your customers’ motivations, behaviors, and characteristics will boost your eCommerce merchandising conversion rates and increase sales.

Innovate Your Visual Merchandising Now With Smart Merchandiser

When done well, visual merchandising can mean the difference between success and failure for an online shop. It helps you establish a rapport with clients, provide them with an unforgettable experience, market to current and potential customers, and ultimately increase sales. To a large extent, it should be the primary emphasis of eCommerce merchandising companies when developing retail marketing strategies.

Smart Merchandiser is a comprehensive tool that can help you realize these goals. You’ll adapt to the AI way of merchandising, create analytics for better decision-making, and know your customers better. To learn more about maximizing margins with visual merchandising, check out Smart Merchandiser’s free guide for digital merchandisers.

Innovate your way to higher sales with Smart Merchandiser. Get in touch with us today.