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Boost revenues by 20% with eCommerce product management software. Streamline your workflow by automating inventory management, and product tracking.

ecommerce product management software
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Investing in eCommerce product management software is one of the most crucial investments for online businesses. It is a smart solution that keeps track of all your inventory. It accurately tracks the inflow and outflow of goods, helping to eliminate stock mismanagement as well as under or overstocking.

Inventory management is (or should be) a priority for every eCommerce platform. Inventory management software analyzes transactions and provides valuable insights to optimize operations. This process requires an efficient system because even minor mishaps can create major ripple effects. Considering the importance of inventory management, it’s rather surprising that only 46% of small businesses either manage their inventories manually or don’t track them at all!

If you run out of inventory or don’t have a handle on what items you have in stock, you will lose money. If your products are not well organized, running your business will be a nightmare. The good news is there are automation tools that can make you forget about stock-related issues and focus on growing your business.

Having an effective inventory management system can save your company time, money, and space. A dynamic and agile e-commerce platform grants your business a complete overview of all inventory activities that take the guesswork out of the process and help you to make data-driven decisions.

Key Features of eCommerce Product Management Software

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eCommerce product management software solves the increasing complexity in managing inventory, orders, and customers. eCommerce product management software simplifies the entire process and presents a clear overview of the business.

With the right software, you can manage your inventory efficiently, and give your revenue a 20% boost in the bargain. What’s more, the features of an eCommerce product management software can increase your productivity by 70%.

Inventory and Item Management

Product management software acts as a link between your inventory and the virtual store. You can check the availability of products and use the information to update your eCommerce platform in real-time. By removing the out-of-stock items or publishing new and updated products, you nudge your website traffic in the right direction.

In tandem with social activity and promotions, Smart Merchandiser leverages real-time analytics and visual assets to deliver more efficient layouts that are optimized for conversion rates. It allows you to edit individual stock-keeping units (SKUs). The item management feature will automatically publish or unpublish products from your online shop based on inventory levels.

For instance, if you run out of a specific color, size, item, etc., the system automatically removes the product until you restock. Such control over your inventory and its dynamic presentation in your virtual store promise to keep sales humming.

Visual Catalog Management

You’ve got a great product range: it appeals…people love it. But can your customers easily find your merchandise?

When you want to buy something online, the first thing you usually do is look at the product images along with the item description. But when it comes to creating and editing your online shop, how can you easily add these images, and make sure they are accurately displayed in your store? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could see your store the way your customers do?

The visual appeal of your virtual store is paramount. With Smart Merchandiser’s Catalog Management tool, you see your storefront the way your customers do. Easily sequence, add, remove or copy items. Move thumbnails around the web page layout using single or multiple drag-and-drop functionalities to reposition products quickly without tedious manual sequencing. Improve your store’s organization by copying and pasting a product to multiple categories with a single click.

Attribute Management

Searching for specific items in some online stores can often feel more like an odyssey than a shopping experience. Perhaps you searched for a Justin Bieber hoodie, only to find that the only thing remotely related was a small ceramic statue of the Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain.

The questions eCommerce platforms should be asking: How can I make life better for my customers and myself? Wouldn’t it be nice to quickly and easily add, remove and manage attributes (colors, materials, size, keywords, and more) for each item?

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If you’re like most companies, products are dynamically generated from a database or other source. This means one of your biggest and most time-consuming challenges is updating an existing product’s data and information (sometimes this task can take days). The solution is simple: Smart Merchandiser makes it almost effortless to add, remove and manage attributes for each item in your store, or across an entire category with a single click.

Instead of a sea of spreadsheets, all available product attributes are presented in a visual format. Set the corresponding product attribute values with just one click. With a red bar alert in the interface, you can quickly see which attributes are missing. Easily add new attributes and view how products are rendered online.

Benefits of Using an eCommerce Product Management Software

Automation is the way to go for every industry–especially eCommerce. It frees you to focus on other pressing tasks. eCommerce product management software offers a number of benefits that streamline your work.

Better Productivity and Profitability

If you’re selling a product, you need to track inventory, don’t you? If you can’t tell when you are going to run out of something and aren’t able to order more in time, it can lead to lost opportunities. Manual processes lead to mistakes and missed items. Using the wrong item across a product line can lead to returns, which results in lost revenue.

By automating your inventory management process you can devote more time to other areas of your company, get more things done in less time, and grow your business faster. Inventory management helps keep tabs on the goods you have in stock, and if you do it right, it can drive sales and boost profitability.

Avoiding Overstocking and Overselling

Inventory tracking software can help your business better prepare for overstocking and overselling. You can easily adapt to market and customer demand with features like low stock alerts, real-time inventory valuations, and automatic quantity updates. When you’re in control of your inventory, you’re poised to serve your customers better.

Improved Order Fulfillment Accuracy

Good inventory management includes accuracy of product orders, regular status updates, and efficient order tracking. Your eCommerce product management software will give you real-time updates on all fronts until the package reaches its final destination.

Scalable Automated Management

New business owners find it easy to manually track their orders and inventories. However, if you wish to scale, you need to automate certain aspects. Product management software will help you build your business.

Streamline and Simplify Your Business with Smart Merchandiser

ecommerce product management software
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eCommerce product management software is more than your inventory management tool. In addition to ensuring stock count accuracy, you can also use it to track orders, change your virtual store layout, make edits to published and unpublished products, and so much more.

Smart Merchandiser is your ultimate product management solution that allows you to optimize your store with just a few clicks. Automate order tracking, change the look of your store with easy drop and drag features, make changes to thumbnails, edit attributes — Smart Merchandiser is your complete eCommerce solution that drives revenue. In fact, Smart Merchandiser is the industry’s only visual eCommerce merchandise management solution that enables better-informed, real-time merchandising decisions.

Looking to grow your eCommerce platform? Schedule a Smart Merchandiser demo now and discover how you can dramatically reduce the time and resources spent creating, curating, and customizing your online storefront.