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The best marketing strategies emerge from a deep understanding of what real customers need and want. You need data where your customers can give their unfiltered opinions – where they will tell you what they really think. Because of this, Facebook continues to be an excellent source of information from which you can derive an impactful e-commerce strategy.

With help from Smart Merchandiser, you can see valuable insights on social media interactions directly from your customers as you’re making merchandising decisions. It optimizes the merchandising process by integrating this data into the workflow and makes it easier for you to develop an e-commerce strategy that truly takes your customers’ needs opinions into account.

Let’s take a closer look at how Smart Merchandiser’s data and analytics can bring your marketing and sales strategy to new levels.

How Smart Merchandiser Works

Smart Merchandiser is a visual e-commerce tool that lets you arrange your merchandising displays by dragging and dropping product tiles or images. It also allows you to see social media interactions easily within the interface. Facebook likes, Twitter mentions, and online ratings and reviews are aggregated and overlaid directly on the product image, so you can rely on this data as you’re making display decisions.

You won’t have to compile giant spreadsheets or scour thousands of lines of data for that little tidbit you need. Everything is organized by SKU, so you’ll have detailed data for every product.

Other data can be overlaid on your product displays too. Conversion rate, abandonment rate, page views, and more are also available in the interface, giving you a holistic view of how customers are interacting with your products at any given time.

This setup takes the legwork out of the typical merchandising process. Instead of spending hours or days aggregating and analyzing data in spreadsheets and other tools, it’s all laid out for you to jump right into crafting your next strategy.

How to Craft e-Commerce Strategy From Social Media Data

A good e-commerce strategy is derived from a wealth of information on customers and their interactions with your products. Armed with this data via Smart Merchandiser, you can dive into creating or optimizing your merchandising strategy.

With your Facebook likes and product ratings and reviews, you can see what products attract the best responses from your customers, and display those products accordingly. Feature your most popular products so customers can easily find what they’re likely to be shopping for, and update them regularly according to customer trends. Learn what products perform poorly, and decide if they need a different promotional approach or to be discontinued altogether.

The efficiency of this process allows you to know your customers even better than before. You’ll see the impact of your strategy changes reflected in your social media data overlay much faster than if you undertake this process manually. This helps you finetune each page of your e-commerce store to best serve the precise segment of customers who land there. Additionally, you can allocate more time to qualitative analysis via surveys, focus groups, or something similar to extract more complex insights that will lead to more unique and impactful strategies.

Optimizing your merchandising strategy with social media data also allows you to maintain your brand identity and relevance among your audience. With this depth of data, you can keep your finger on the pulse of what your customers need and want, keeping up with those slight shifts in the market that can determine the longevity of your brand.

social media e-commerce strategy

Impact of Social Media on e-Commerce Strategy

Easy access to data like Facebook likes and reviews helps you get more insights – and more impact – from your investment in a social media strategy. Developing your strategy becomes more straightforward, allowing more time for optimizing and digging for deeper insights to continue to understand customers better.

Facebook data also serves as a check on the effectiveness of your current e-commerce strategy. You can see if customers are drawn to the products you’re trying to promote, or test different product arrangements to see what converts most highly. Do your featured products get the attention you need them to? If not, check to see how these products perform on Facebook and adjust your strategy according to your findings.

Perhaps the biggest impact of social media on e-commerce strategy is the ability to more fully engage with your customers. You’re able to easily see your social media interactions and instantly adjust your strategy based on those trends. It’s a precise way of ensuring you’re meeting your customers’ needs in the right place at the right time. You can also spend more time on personal customer interaction. Social media engagement is where you’ll get some of the best insights into what customers really want.

Revolutionize Your Merchandising Strategy

Smart Merchandiser takes your entire digital merchandising strategy to the next level. You’ll save time compiling and curating your data into something useful so you can jump right into gathering insights from your social media interactions and engagements.

With these insights, you’ll be able to assess the efficacy of your existing strategy, and modify it as needed to keep sales high and customers loyal. You’ll be able to have deeper customer engagements that help you maintain your brand image and awareness even as trends change.

All of this data is at your fingertips, perfectly integrated into the Smart Merchandiser interface. You’ll make the most of your Facebook likes, product reviews, and other social media interactions, and watch your merchandising strategy grow to new heights.