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House Brands is now the fourth name from luxury eyewear giant Luxottica Group to adopt Smart Merchandiser as a merchandising tool for its online stores. House Brands’ two brands–Oliver Peoples and Persol–are new members of the Smart Merchandiser family, with all the benefits that entails.

In making the shift to Smart Merchandiser they have:

  • optimized their ordering process’s efficiency and accuracy by converting to digital
  • boosted their revenue potential
  • improved customer experience
  • transformed to meet the current requirements and challenges faced by sales teams globally
oliver people smart merchandiser
Oliver People eCommerce Site – Powered by Smart Merchandiser

House Brands Adopts Smart Merchandiser

Smart Merchandiser has been an industry favorite for some time: other eyewear retail names like Ray-Ban, Sunglass Hut, and Costa Del Mar paved the way for House Brands by adopting Smart Merchandiser in 2018. The ease of integration and special features for frame and lens sales make it a no-brainer for international names like Oliver Peoples and Persol to streamline their operations.

House Brands Now Enjoys Cost Optimization

Oliver Peoples and Persol manage 50 sites worldwide with a single user subscription of Smart Merchandiser. How smart is that? Understanding that analog ordering processes are time-sensitive and expensive, House Brands realized one of the most effective cost-saving measures they could implement would be to digitize. And the digital transfer truly did optimize operations: by partnering with Smart Merchandiser all those stores are now managed by one team! House Brands’ pairing is an ideal showcase of the efficiency Smart Merchandiser can provide for e-commerce storefront management.

The key to the success of House Brands lies in the shopper’s experience. After all, sunglasses are not just accessories: they make a statement about who you are. How would a shopper find the right frame with the right color lens for the right occasion? Smart Merchandiser is a visual merchandising tool that facilitates the customer journey so that the process of discovering the perfect sunglasses is simple and pleasant via searching, browsing, filtering and faceting. The merchandising team can design an exceptional customer experience by using Smart Merchandiser to properly sequence and deliver the right product at the right time and on the right click..

house brands website
The Persol eCommerce Website – Powered by Smart Merchandiser

These added benefits provide an approximately 20% increase in conversion rate, while also enabling shorter sales cycles and providing 24/7 availability.

House Brands Opens Their Doors to Revenue Growth

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers have been herded en masse into the online market at a startlingly rapid pace. While many retailers struggle to adapt to this sudden migration, those who have partnered with e-commerce development experts are ahead of the game and now reaping the benefits of the transition. According to Zobrist, organizations using multiple go-to-market approaches for e-commerce will outperform those not switching to an e-commerce strategy by as much as 30%.

A Digital Transformation Success Story

With travel, face-to-face meetings, and supply chains disrupted, COVID-19 has taken an axe to traditional B2B approaches. To keep up in the new world, more and more companies have had to digitize their offerings.

Of course, this is not an easy decision to make. Developing an effective e-commerce platform can prove challenging for many. But House Brands’ decision to pair with Smart Merchandiser allowed them to navigate the choppy waters of transition with ease.

So, what was the secret to their success? House Brands saw the potential offered by Smart Merchandiser’s extended features to streamline their own operations. Smart Merchandiser’s cross-linking feature, for example, allows the linking of catalogs so changes made in one apply to all. For House Brands, a task that involved updating product catalogs across 50 individual Persol and Oliver Peoples sites was simplified into a single click to update! How could they resist?

A brand reputation hinges on an integrated online solution: one that effectively addresses daily challenges while simultaneously improving customer experience. And an effective e-commerce platform provides unique opportunities to keep audiences captivated and returning time and again, while allowing your team to focus on other tasks. Switch your marketing strategy to a proactive one that meets your customers where they are, drives conversion rates up, and optimizes both efficiency and accuracy–partner with Smart Merchandiser today to super charge your e-commerce strategy.