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Have you ever been to a brick-and-mortar store with cluttered, disorganized shelves? Chances are, you didn't spend a lot of time sifting through the chaos to find what you were looking for. You probably went to a cleaner, more organized store. Consumers do the same thing when they visit your eCommerce site. A confusing or disorganized layout can turn customers away, resulting in lower conversion rates and poor brand loyalty.

That's why visual merchandising is so critical for online storefronts. Branding, colors, and product layout should all work together to guide your visitors through your virtual store in the same way you would in a physical location.

Enter Smart Merchandiser. This easy-to-use tool helps you better organize your eCommerce site with a drag-and-drop interface backed by tons of real-time data. As you use it, you'll create a better online shopping experience for your customers, improve your conversion rates, and seal up any other cracks in your revenue.

Let's take a closer look at how Smart Merchandiser helps.

Better Product Placement on Your eCommerce Site

The way products are arranged in your virtual storefront matters. Customers want to find what they're looking for easily, without having to endlessly scroll past products they don't want.

Smart Merchandiser lets you drag and drop your products to organize them in the proper sequence. It's quick and easy, since all the information you need is right there in the interface, guiding your decisions as you organize. You'll be able to move products to key positions with no hassle, and when the most important products change, you can update your storefront almost instantly to meet changing customer demands.

When a key product is out of stock, you can shift it to the bottom of the page to avoid deterring customers who might be enticed to buy something else. And when that product is finally available again? Bump it right back up to the top so no one misses it.

You can also arrange products to feature new items, popular products, or limited-time deals.

Smart Merchandiser's approach takes the manual processes out of the equation. When you need to update your storefront, you won't have to comb through tons of data or cross-check any information. It's all in one place, allowing you to respond to changing customer demands nearly in real-time.

The result? Better product placement directly leads to higher conversion rates and better revenue.

Improved Customer Experience

In a brick-and-mortar store, merchandisers arrange products so similar items are near each other. This encourages customers to browse and find additional things to purchase. And when it's a good browsing experience, with interesting and well-organized displays that help visitors find what they're looking for, brand loyalty (and the bottom line) increases.

The same principle applies to your eCommerce site. Although you're not arranging physical products, the browsing experience should evoke the same feeling as a customer might get in a physical location. And it all comes down to product sequencing.

With Smart Merchandiser, you can keep track of the most popular products and make sure they're the focus of your online storefront. You can group items by any kind of product attribute and try different sequences to see what yields the best conversion rates.

While the right product placement and sequencing has an immediate impact on revenue and conversions, it's contributing to a longer-term benefit too: brand loyalty. When customers have a good experience browsing your online store, they're more likely to return. And if their experience keeps getting better (or at least remains consistent), they'll continue to make more purchases and stay loyal to you – instead of a competitor.

Even better? Loyal customers spread the word. The better experience you give to your current customers, the more likely you are to reap the benefits of word-of-mouth marketing as your most loyal purchasers convince more people to visit your online store.

Data-Driven Decisions for Your eCommerce Site

Underneath every sequencing and merchandising decision is one key thing: data.

Merchandisers everywhere use some kind of data to inform what products will be placed where and when. But Smart Merchandiser helps you make the most of all your data by combining multiple data sources into a single interface and overlaying it onto your product images.

You can see views, sales revenue, conversion rates, and abandonment rates for every single product in your catalog at a glance. There aren't any extra applications or unwieldy spreadsheets to navigate or remember to make your product placement and sequencing decisions for your eCommerce site.

The Smart Merchandiser analytics overlay doesn't just help you make merchandising decisions faster. It helps you make better decisions, too. Plenty of data is overlooked or underutilized for the sake of efficiency when using typical visual merchandising processes, but Smart Merchandiser doesn't make you choose between having all the data and moving quickly. You can do both, always.


An organized virtual storefront has a huge impact on your eCommerce site revenue and conversions. When your products are out of order or are in a sequence that doesn't make sense to the visitor, you can quickly lose sales that are hard to recoup due to falling brand loyalty.

But with Smart Merchandiser, you can make sure you always have the right products in the right place. With key data insights overlaid on a drag-and-drop interface, all the information you need is right at your fingertips to make real-time merchandising decisions. It's easy to update your product placements to always provide the best experience for your customers.

Try Smart Merchandiser today to seal up the revenue cracks on your eCommerce site.